Theresa MacKnight

"Trail Cam Bear", encaustic, 36"x48"

"Raven Family", encaustic, 36"x48"

"Mothers and Daughters", encaustic, 36"x36"

"Justin", encaustic, 36"x36"

"The Crossing", encaustic, 24"x36"

"Turtle Time", encaustic on wood, 24"x24"

"Migration", encaustic and copper leaf, 24"x24"

Bee Dance, encaustic

Bee Dance, encaustic

"Bee", encaustic, 24"x24"

"Fawn", encaustic, 48"x48"

"Collapse", encaustic, 24"x24"

"Countdown", encaustic, 24"x24"

"Greendeer", encaustic and gold leaf, 48"x48"

"Porcupine", encaustic, 48"x48"

"Bee Sign", encaustic and LED lights on plexiglass, 24"x24"

"When They're Gone, All is Gone", Encaustic and mixed media, 16"x16"

"Crossroad 1", encaustic, 24"x24"

"Crossroad 2", encaustic, 16"x16"

"Redbee", encaustic, 12"x16"

"Home", encaustic and bell, 24x24"

"Bee Bell", encaustic, lace and bees, 8"x8"

"Road Crew". encaustic, 24"x24"